Saturday, January 14, 2006


I think that I’ve come up with something. You might think it’s quite foolish. How would I know that since you’re most likely not going to respond to this. Maybe you should. It would take a minute or so….but here’s the point. It goes with my discovery.
I think that I’m realizing that life is an accumulation of moments. Did you get that? Not so earth shattering is it. In fact I’ve known this for quite some time. Here’s the thing though. I’ve know it in my head and never done anything about it in my heart. I’ve realized this well known concept but it’s remained a concept and not an acted upon truth.
My guess is that the overwhelming majority of those who are reading this right now, if you’re honest, if you reflect, maybe even if you respond, will come to the realization in your own life that you’ve never acted on that knowledge. As I’ve been writing this (at Starbucks of all places) I’m listening to a song called “the way I was made”. It’s a song lifted up to God pledging to change from a generic vanilla life to living the distinctively individual life that God designed each of us for. Don’t get any ideas…I didn’t get my inspiration for this revelation from the song although it’s not a bad source. I was already into this thought process before I put the CD in and the song came on. Personally I think that it was an affirmation that I’m onto something. God is trying to keep my attention with anything at his disposal. It must be like trying to keep a toddlers attention I guess. Anyway, back to my thought….I have had an understanding of this concept of accumulated moments, and then gone and wasted most of mine. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve lived a good life. I’ve taken advantage of most opportunities and been more adventurous than most, but my goodness the time I’ve wasted. Let’s take a moment to keep score. You go ahead and keep score on your own personal card with me. How many moments have I wasted worrying about what someone might think of me? How many moments have I wasted worrying about how I was going to afford something I didn’t need anyway? How many moments have I remained silent about the liberating message of God’s grace for me? How many more moments have I worried about someone whom I’ve never met getting the axe on “The Apprentice” than on how to comfort someone I see everyday who is struggling? How many more moments of church business have I been involved in than dedicated prayer? How many moments have I spent complaining about something I can’t change anyway? How many fewer have I spent asking God for wisdom? Tired yet? Depressed? You don’t have to be if, like me, you’ve made a conscious decision to start a new clock. Lift it up to God as just another example of how we can’t do it alone even though we insist on trying. Give up and start again. Live above the plane. Make a difference. You were created for it. One life at a time you can make a difference. Invest your moments in things that will last forever. What moment are you in right now that you could invest. I’ve just finished mine.