Monday, May 01, 2006


So, I woke up late today. And I wouldn’t really call it waking up either. It was more like an instantaneous burst of eyes flashing open and brain registering “dang, I overslept”. Then the questions…what happened to the alarm, what was I supposed to be doing, what day is this, whose house am I in? All of those thoughts were fighting for space along my neurons and threatening to shut my mind down completely. Because then, being the schedule freak that I am, I begin the task of damage control. What tasks must be done before I can get out of here? I get my daughter up, and go figure, she has overslept as well. I’m getting her lunch and counting backwards from my first morning appointment, trying to recalculate my Starbucks time. Starbucks time will recalibrate my day….if I can just get there. Now I’m in the car and my favorite morning show is on, but they’re live from Disneyworld. When did they go to Disneyworld? How did I miss that they were going to be at Disney? I listen everyday and I missed that. I feel like I’m in a parallel universe. I guess that I can deal with that…until….until upon driving along the beach I begin to notice an abnormally large amount of boats out on the water. They’re small boats, pleasure boats, fishing boats…… Small boats? Fishing boats? What day is this??? Then it all comes washing back like one of those feared Tsunami’s that all of us on the coast are waiting for. The realization floods over me and threatens to drown me in its turbulence. It’s fishing season! It’s the first day of fishing season! How the heck did I miss that? You want to talk about parallel universe? I must have really overslept or something. I’ve apparently been sleeping the past few weeks. Now I’m wondering how much else did I miss? What else of significance did I miss? More importantly, who did I miss? Am I becoming just another “brick in the wall”? Am I now officially just another of the wandering masses who are so out of touch? Is the matrix real? Did I take the red pill or the blue pill? Did Jesus come back and I missed Him? Probably not since my wife is still here. But it does make me wonder, alarmingly so, what else have I missed? Have I missed Jesus in my day hiding as “one of the least of these”? Have I entertained angels and totally not seen into the other world? Starbucks time is not helping. My day is off, my week is off, my life is off. Drama, drama, drama. I just need a vacation. I overslept.

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