Monday, March 05, 2007


So I was listening the other night to this preacher guy on the television. I’m usually not too impressed with preacher guy types with obvious connections to local cable companies. I’ve not yet determined whether or not it’s their message, their hair, or just a case of “pastoral arts” envy that causes me to be so critical. I guess that I have formed an opinion, I’m not saying that it’s a good one, that if you have to pay large sums of money to put yourself on the air, then maybe that’s kind of a self serving use of your resources. It’s kind of like writing a screen play so that you can star in the movie. I’ve never been a fan of self promotion. It’s probably why I haven’t published the novel, the short story, or even the catchy tag line that I’ve always dreamed of writing. Like I said, it’s not necessarily a good opinion.
All that being said, I have to admit to a certain admiration for this particular “preacher guy”. I’ve heard him on a number of occasions and no matter what part of “The Book” that he’s referring too, there is always a certain theme that he seems to be able to draw from. It’s a game, admittedly bizarre, that I play now when I push the remote and his distinguished whine comes across the airwaves. I’m trying to figure out just how long and in what context will his particular bias appear. It’s quite amazing actually how creatively it comes about. Time after time, sermon after sermon, “preacher guy” has the same underlying theme woven through. It’s practically subliminal. It’s creative, but it’s also biased.
Don’t take this as criticism, as much as it might seem to be. Rather, it has become a wake up call for me to really look deep inside and discover what I bring to this “pastoral arts” profession. I speak to a faith community each week. Granted, it’s not with the technology of “preacher guy”, although we do have hearing assisted devices to keep older members of our community awake during the thirty minute monologues. I have been so successful lately putting newborns to sleep during my teaching that I’m considering packaging the CD’s to help parents with bedtime. Anyway, I’m wondering what biases do I bring to the Word that I’m entrusted with? Even more importantly, does a particular bias color and influence some of my teaching? I would say that it has to, being human and all. I’m no different than “preacher guy”, except for the hair of course.
I guess that is what makes what I do so amazing. It’s not amazing from a “look at me, I’m amazing” standpoint. It’s amazing because of the partnership that I’m allowed to be involved in. Even with my bias and personal stuff and life issues that have to influence how I look at the passages in “The Book”, God is still able to work amazing things out if it. I’m overwhelmed that people hear what He wants them to hear, despite my efforts. Sure, if I’m not careful, the people who listen to me with any regularity will begin to have some similar biases. I know that to be true with those who admire “preacher guy”. On the other hand, God still speaks and lives still change and that is truly what matters in the end. And, He is totally able to do it with or without technology.

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