Monday, October 15, 2007


I’m trying something different this week. The last few weeks have suddenly added up to a year and I’m breathing a bit heavy. So I’m trying something different this week. It’s called pacing. It’s certainly not a universal breakthrough as far as concepts go, but it’s a bit of a shift for me. I’m traditionally more of the opinion that it’s better to burn out than rust out. Having been born and raised most of my life in the great northeastern United States, I’m well acquainted with rust. I am, however, a bit wiser and more understanding that neither of the previously mentioned lifestyles is conducive to leading a community o’ faith. So I will downshift and begin the process of pacing. For the moment, it’s just me and the crows who are line sitting over the sidewalk outside of my window.
I began this morning by accompanying a group of preschoolers to a pumpkin farm. If that won’t clear your mind of anything seemingly life altering then I don’t know what will. Seeing life and priorities through the eyes of a 4 year old is quite refreshing and balancing. I’ve been reminded that to little boys, it’s still enjoyable to consider the art of booger eating. Three hours of this can be quite enough for some, but today it was far too short. So now it’s back down to the beach for me with this electronic keyboard, caffeine and a bit of “Magic” from The Boss on my headphones. I’m pacing myself.
For once I get to enjoy not trying to outguess life and figure out just where I should be at the end of the week. I don’t have any plans for the week, except to make some plans that might be worth carrying out. I don’t have any goals for the week except to come up with some goals that might be worthy of chasing.
It’s important to do this from time to time I think. Not doing so can leave me in danger of stranding those who are following out on a long stretch of desert road, much like Forrest Gump, while “Running on Empty” plays softly on some cosmic background track. I lead a somewhat public life, and in doing so, it’s often very sobering to know that, to some, I have an inside track to something they seek. They see me polished and clean and looking somewhat competent……….occasionally anyway. So I sometimes think that somehow I have a greater responsibility. I’m pacing myself.
The truth of the matter is that we all lead public lives. Some of us just have titles that make it more obvious, but we all live publicly. We are friends, parents, partners, and co-workers. We have influence, the power to choose to do good rather than evil, the choice to burn or rust. We can lift up or put down. The right things always take more energy than the wrong. I’m going to need some more pacing.

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Anonymous said...

A few days ago I asked my wife to get me a big glass of milk. She's the milk drinker. me never. Vit D. Always in full account. Always! Is our invention. Or should I say HIS INVENTION. I have again(?) come to see gratitude in the first and last movements. Dan , shall we share in the cornicoupia,my Brother! M.Y.