Monday, December 31, 2007


I’m going to resist the obvious urge to wax poetic about a new year and an auld lang syne and all the other sentiment that comes with this midnight. Don’t misunderstand, I truly understand the lure of being able to begin again with resolutions that we fully intend to keep. I have been through the emotional relief of leaving a year behind that is best left behind. I’m just following an unofficial resolution of my own. This particular one is one in which I resolve to take life in smaller bites. I’m beginning with this “black forest ham, egg, and cheese” sandwich on an English muffin that I’m enjoying right now with a water view from Starbucks.
My wife would be pleased with me. Even though she is understandably madly in love with me, she is still not impressed with some of my eating habits. She contends that if one eats slower, more intentionally, and with smaller bites, that the culinary experience is greatly enhanced. Poor misguided soul. In reality, the bigger and faster the bites, the more you get to experience in the same amount of time. However, because of another resolution to listen more carefully, as she deserves it, I am beginning here, with my breakfast sandwich. Actually it’s working fairly well. I still have some left. For arguments sake, it could really be that I’m too cheap to eat it fast and then need to purchase more to experience. But for now, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. She is very wise.
In my line of work it has historically been valuable to plan ahead. I’m a great planner. Spreadsheets, flow charts, and time lines have been constant companions. I remember the days of the 10 year plan. Then it went to a 5 year vision, followed by a 3 year strategy, most recently a one year goal. I’m now down to a 1 day effort. It’s pretty simple really. I work for the most influential individual who ever walked the planet. He didn’t have the world wide web in which to communicate his plan. He didn’t have a 3 year strategy. In fact his work only really lasted 3 years. He had a saying that went something like this, “Don’t worry about tomorrow, for today has enough worries for itself”. How’s that for strategy. Jesus lived one day at a time. One life, a divine one I’ll grant you, but one life just the same, lived one day at a time, changed the world forever.
I want to change the world. Don’t most of us? How could we ever know though since we’ll certainly miss changes occurring all around us today while being worried about tomorrow. It seems as if it might be true in life as it is in eating. If we were to live slower, more intentionally, and in smaller bites, and by doing that live in today without the worries of tomorrow, then the experience would be greatly enhanced. We could even in fact change the world, or at least our corner of it. Perhaps my wife is right after all. She really is very wise.

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Gracefully seated,I said to the mirror,

"Tell me who you are?"

I went outside and slipped on a bannana.