Monday, February 11, 2008


This is week two of car-lessness. While my wife and I were blissfully and mindlessly enjoying the World of the Mouse, my daughter was rear ended in our car by an individual who has remained, nameless due to privacy laws. It took ten days just for him to decide who he was insured by, but that’s a story for another day. As a result I have taken up residence in yet another caffeine establishment. Fortunately for me, here in the promised land, I have no less than eight others within a two block walk. So here I am, another morning, another corner window seat, with another view of life.
It’s just as well that I’m walking more as I have not been to the gym in about three weeks now. Walking a thousand miles with the Mouse, I haven’t yet felt compelled to go back yet to the tread mill or stair monster. I’m sure they’re not alarmed though as my payments are still automatically withdrawn. So I‘m improvising.
It’s been good for me really. It goes against my nature, to improvise I mean. I personally think it really goes against basic human nature, unless of course you’re an artist or a musician….or my wife. For her, life is improv. You merely play off of whatever comes along. I admire the ability to wake up each day and to have no idea what is going to take place. I mean really, who of us actually knows what is going to take place anyway. We’d like to think that we know or that we can control it. In reality though, life happens much closer to improv than to plan. The artists and the musicians, and my wife are just ahead of the curve. It feeds their creativity. They’re flexible. They’re fun. They’re interesting. On further examination, I have come to realize that the energy spent trying to live in the moments as they come is much more rewarding than the energy trying to direct them. It’s great exercise really…better than the gym.

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