Monday, March 09, 2009


Being the morning person that I am, I have to tell you that I’m not a fan of the Spring version of daylight savings. It doesn’t help that the first two days of it have come cold, dark and snowy. Part of the benefit of moving to Seattle was to get away from those places where it was still snowing in March. It didn’t happen for the first few Spring times that we were here….just long enough for us to settle in and decide never to move again and now….global warming in reverse. I know, don’t write me letters…global warming doesn’t mean that your place may get warmer, it might mean that the climate is all screwed up. Well it certainly is here and no amount of Dave Matthews in my headphones can take away the fact that I’m sitting at Starbucks on the beach while it is snowing and the only thing matching the daylight savings darkness outside is the darkness of the fireplace inside. But hey, at least we have instant coffee……whatever.
Does anyone know if the theory behind stealing an hour in the Spring and then giving it back in the Fall is still bearing any weight in our culture. We have a tendency of allowing things to far outlive their useful lives just because, “we’ve always done it that way”. I’ve even heard rumblings in recent years of certain parts of the country wrestling with the idea of voting to not observe daylight savings. That, to me, sounds like a democratic process gone completely off the deep end. I mean really, when you decide that you can vote on time and whether or not it does or does not exist. It makes me want to put a measure on the next ballot to declare next year 2030. That’s the year I’d like to retire. Or perhaps, we could declare that next year is really last year and then my clothes would be back in style. Can someone remind me of the practical benefits of daylight savings; I mean the real practical benefits, not the scientific theory.
Perhaps this should have been included in the stimulus package? We’ll appropriate 15 million dollars and create a department to study the effects of daylight savings. I’ll volunteer for the documentary. It can be called “An Inconvenient Truth” or …..wait, that one has already been taken. Somehow I can probably wrap it in as a sequel. It will soon appear in court rooms as a new diagnosis for an insanity plea… Daylight Savings Disorder… or DSS for short. Or more than likely Walmart is somehow benefiting from this I’m sure. Or we’ll have senate hearings on C-span regarding daylight savings reform and its affects on the steroid usage of professional athletes……. Or, Oh sorry, I just drifted off somewhere. It was obviously a dream. I open my eyes and I’m staring at daylight….and no more snow. What time is it really?

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