Monday, June 22, 2009


This morning I’ve changed up my routine. My daughter needed a vehicle more than I needed to go to the beach. Don’t weep for me because, as this is Seattle, all I had to do was walk out my door and I’m in another purveyor of caffeine. This morning, I’m not just in some old substitute. I am in the one and only Hotwire Online Coffee drinking my favorite caramel latte highlighted with cinnamon. I also have opportunity to actually eat an amazing breakfast concoction from by favorite baking establishment, Companion Baking Co. The bakeress is none other than my own gorgeous wife, and yes I have to buy the stuff once in awhile like any other neighborhood consumer. Trust me, it’s worth it.
The only thing I’m missing is my favorite chair and the crowd of the retirement group that has been following me around for the 3 years that I’ve been writing this blog. I doubt they’ll find me here and even if they did, there’s no room to congregate. Starbucks was good for the view but the community was certainly lacking….everyone in a hurry, running for a bus, running after their baby stroller SUV’s or like Forrest, just running and running, and…. whatever. This place is a virtual “Cheers” among coffee places. You know the kind, sometimes you wanna go “where everybody knows your name”. And here’s cool concept….there is free WiFi. In my opinion, charging for WiFi is not much better than charging for air to breathe…I mean really. I don’t even have to play Pandora on my laptop if I don’t want to because they’ve already got it on. So why do drive my gas guzzling, smog producing, global warming, Ford Explorer past all of the hundreds of other coffee shops including a number of other Starbucks here in the greenest city on earth, when I could just walk across the alley to my favorite? It’s the chair. I love the chair.
You wouldn’t have any idea if you saw it. It’s a pretty non-descript piece of furniture amongst a bunch of other pieces of nondescript furniture. It’s a sort of suede like fabric and the best thing about it is that if I drop some of my pastry of choice in it this week, I know that it’ll still be there for me next week. I’m not commenting on their cleaning ability there, I’m just sayin….. Anyway, the point is, it’s a friend. I can be myself there. I’m comfortable there. I can sleep there. I can pray there. Sometimes I sleep while I’m praying and sometimes I pray while I’m sleeping there. Most of these posts have originated there and If I miss weeks with this online journey, most often it’s because I can’t get there.
But life goes on whether I want it to or not, and changes come and eventually, it won’t be there for me. So I best begin to consider that reality now. This morning I get to step off for a minute and consider alternatives and prepare for the inevitable day when I walk in and discover “remodel” has happened. You may think I’m ridiculous and indeed I can be, but this off center type of exercise actually helps me cope to the idea that everything goes on whether I like it or not. I can enjoy the experience of the moments, but then I have to let them go as memories because reality changes every day and there are more moments to experience. There are even more chairs to sit in.

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