Monday, November 02, 2009


It’s been rumored to be the case for awhile now. I’ve known it and certainly my muscles have known it, but the arrival of a beautiful baby girl has confirmed it. I’m old. I’m a grandpa. Lillian Joy was born 9 days ago as a permanent antidote to denial. I decided that I needed to come down this morning to attempt a readjustment. My chair feels good. The sunlit snowy mountains are amazing in their reflection on the water. The air is cold and so is the fireplace. You can’t have it all I guess. It’s been a crazy month.
We began the month with the adoption of a rambunctious kitten named Lucy who has taken it upon herself to entertain us and make a valiant attempt at living in the memory of a household legend named Sassy. In addition to all of the extra time and focus that goes with my graduate work, I have to make my 8 day pilgrimage to Portland for face to face classes. Two days after returning, Lillian Joy made her appearance which meant that we had our grand puppy Oliver while everyone got to adjust to a new baby. And thus began the week long dance between Lucy and Oliver to negotiate a balance between dog and cat and whom is chasing whom. Add in a life as a pastoral artist with an active community o’ faith and some Halloween fun and I have no idea how 30 days can go by like a Facebook update. I’m exhausted.
So now it’s November and I have a determination to put the brakes on. Although it’s a bit like Fred and Barney trying to stop the Flintstone mobile; I hope my fee hold out. We’ve had some fairly windy days lately and I’ve been watching from my living room window the leaves, all aflame in reds and yellows, trying desperately to cling to their branches for just a few more days. I’m cheering them on. The bare branches that lie underneath are a stark reminder of the winter approaching. The longer the leaves hold on, the more enjoyable the color. Once they lose their grip, they are at the mercy of the breeze and then all bets are off. Today the winds are calm and they have hope for one more day of peace.
Right now, as November begins, the winds are calm for us, and we’re holding on for one more day of peace and enjoyment of the season. It’s not simply the seasons passing quickly that get to me. Seasons represent years and years add gray to my hair. I’d like to slow down enough to accumulate memories along the way. Some days go by so quickly that even a digital camera couldn’t capture them. This begins the season of “Baby’s first everything” and I plan on being alert and attached. I’m just praying for calm winds.

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