Tuesday, December 01, 2009

the end

The sun is glowing rose from the snow capped peaks across the water. The ferries are gliding calmly. I should have a camera instead of a laptop, but I’m in my chair and, wonder of wonders, the fireplace is on in Starbucks. December is here once again. It’s time for gingerbread and red cups at my “home by the sea”. All in all, it seems like the perfect day to be writing my final installment of this blog. I have come to the conclusion lately that this piece has come to it’s conclusion. Nearly 5 years have passed since I began basically writing to myself while you all have looked on.
There is a book in the Book of Books called Ecclesiastes. In this book, written by the wise King Solomon, there is a phrase used throughout the centuries that says “there is a time for everything under the sun”. In other words, all things whether bad or good, must come to an end. I began this with two kids in High School and I end it with one married, one engaged, and a beautiful new granddaughter. As this journal has progressed I have added and lost valued family members. While most of you choose to read from a distance, there are also some who have encouraged and even challenged me on various points. It’s all been appreciated.
This piece began as an exploration of whether or not I could ever be an author to any degree. If nothing else, it has given me a greater appreciation of authors and the incredible discipline that is involved with preparing a written work. I have concluded that I do not have that discipline. The fact that it has been increasingly more difficult over the past few months to even write a weekly page has proven that to me.
So while the sun is still shining, the fireplace still crackling, the coffee is still hot and the retired club hasn’t arrived yet, I’ll conclude by expressing thanks for sharing the journey with me. The archives of this blog contain many images and memories. I wish that you could all see the view this morning from where I sit, but perhaps you already have.


Anonymous said...

there is no end. just another beginning at something else. thank you for sharing, it has been a pleasure. and yes I felt the fire in the fireplace and warm glow bouncing off the sound....

Sue said...

I'll miss you. Thanks for sharing of yourself.