Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It’s a gray morning down at the beach as I get caught up on some of my work that is screaming for attention. I’ve been serving a princess these past few days and these other things have taken a back seat. Like so many others of royalty, she is not as much concerned with my agenda, she has her own. As I would assume it would be in any other circumstance where one would get to serve royalty, it’s been a privilege to accompany her as she explores the world that she’s only had 7 months experience with. We have this honor, Joanne and I, every week, and every week it’s a new lesson and new experiences. I’m not sure who is learning more, her highness or her servants.
It is true, what someone has wisely said in the past, “Grandchildren are reward for you not killing your kids when they were younger”. Every moment is a wonderful adventure of learning and self discovery….. and I’m not talking about hers. I think that the greatest learning along with plenty of relearning is on the side of the grandparents, and the princess is just happy to be able to teach. Some things that I have learned or been reminded of these past several months are as follows:
• Poop happens … it just does and it is most often experienced after having just changed to a new diaper.
• Sleep is overrated … but enjoy every minute that you can get, especially on a snuggly lap of someone you love deeply
• Bath’s are meant for fun, not for washing… so splash all you want to
• Peaches are way better than peas … even if they do start with the same letters
• It is much more fun to see where you’re going than where you’ve been … facing backwards tends to lead to a deep sleep
• Chubby and toothless can be very attractive … hope for my future
• It may not look all that good, but taste it anyway, you might be pleasantly surprised … or not
• Whoever invented the “Onesie” has never had to wear one …. Or put one on
• There are a lot of infomercials on late night television
• Sweet Potatoes can be a colorful accessory
And so it goes in our house … life as you’d come to expect it. Grandpa is the transportation and Grandma is the entertainment. Each and every week I look forward to another round of lessons with Princess Lily and when she’s not around, every bit of me misses her…. Except for my back.

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