Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Some days are better than others. I can sit and stare at this sentence for the next hour until my grande drip goes cold and no longer holds the potential of a lawsuit, but it won’t change its truth. Even though I know this intellectually, some days seem to go out of their way to drive this reality home. So I come down here where I can get a sense of same and seek to begin again. A seat in front of the fireplace with a waterfront view is helpful. A good set of earphones with some Jars of Clay running through my brain, drowning out the disjointed conversations around me is even better. An open schedule which gives me an entire morning to shuffle brain cells back in place is the best.
It is interesting that in a place like this, some come here to gather in groups and others come here to avoid groups altogether. I fall into the latter category. That’s where the headphones come in. And guess what… as I am typing this in “real time” a gentleman sits down across from me , I’ve had this experience before with him, and seems to ignore the obvious fact that I am wearing headphones. So I’m typing this … he’s asking me questions, and I’m nodding …. While still typing …. And who says I can’t multi task. I’m nodding like I know what he’s saying, although I do know what he’s saying even though it sounds like Charlie Browns teacher, because he’s made the exact same comments on at least 3 other occasions. He’s liking my laptop. I think that the Book of Books would refer to this as coveting. I must admit that, compared to some others, my laptop is kind of cool with its burgundy case and back lit keys. Now I’m nodding again to a preschool boy who is pointing out the fire in the fireplace to me and questioning me on the whereabouts of the nearest fire truck. He doesn’t see headphones either. His mom does though and she’s now trying to shoo him in mid questioning back to his seat. Laptop guy is now wondering out loud, again, where one might find a laptop like mine. If one of you reading this can IM the guy and tell him Best Buy for the third time, I might be able to clear my brain. This is why I try to get here at the butt crack of dawn.
In front of me are two high school girls playing musical chairs while texting and passing notes at the same time. Impressive…. I wonder if they teach that as an elective at West Seattle High? And now as they have just finished their dance, I have a mother/daughter team pulling their chairs into a cozy set up right behind me to chat about who knows what. It seems as if clearing the brain is not something that is in the cards for me this morning. Same doesn’t seem to be same at least on this day no matter how I wish it would be so. Even Jars of Clay has faded into the distance and the sounds of the room are pouring in again around my ear buds. Well at least I still have the fireplace.

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