Wednesday, February 02, 2011

finished ... almost

While many of the rest of you are still wrestling with wind chill, snow blowers and shovels, I’m enjoying the view near the fireplace as the sun peaks over the skyline and gleams rose colored on the mountains across the water. It’s a pretty exceptional day for a place rumored to be the gloom and gray capital of the world. Te ferries are making their trek to the islands and the cargo ships are heading north towards open water. It’s a fairly normal day here on the beach, with The Civil Wars playing in my headphones and people lined up for their morning fix.
I just finished another round of grad school discussions online and now I need to begin to put my mind into the realm of my paying gig, that of being pastoral artist to a wonderful community o’ faith. Wednesday morning is my transition point. I’m off on Mondays and I enjoy spending the day with my princess Lily. Tuesdays are a sort of admin, make sense of my office, day. Wednesday I transition into what is really going to be necessary for the week. And so it goes until Sunday morning when hopefully it all comes together for us and we move one more step towards the people God has called us to be. In the midst of that I have to remember that I’m a grad student, a husband, a friend, a community member, an artist, a dad, and a grandpa.
This forum to write and vent and wonder and dream has been a valuable part of that existence for the past number of years, but I’m at the stage of thinking that, as with all good things, it might just be time for this to end. I have other projects going on and other forums to participate in. I have a new venture just about to leave the starting blocks and I’m just thinking that it is time for this forum to at the very least transition into one of my other lives and head in a new direction. I am beginning a new project that was actually influenced by some of the meanderings of this site. It’s my own book project that I’m calling “Theology for the Rest of Us”. At least that will be the subtitle. It’s a book inspired by the collision of my spiritual musings and my journey into the academic world of Seminary and higher learning. When I say it’s my own .project, I mean just that, it’s my own. In other words, no one else cares at the moment. I don’t have a publisher or an agent or anything beyond this laptop to put it on. It may never leave the pages of cyberspace… that’s fine with me. I’m looking for it to be useful.
I have come to the realization that most of what comprises the rich world of theology is communicated in such a bland, academic, and outright boring format that it is beyond a normal persons comprehension and caring. My goal is to present the story of God and the study of all things God (aka theology) in a format through which His greatest creation can enter. I don’t even have the site where this will all be coming together identified yet. Next week, as my last post on this forum I’ll have a link for any who might be interested. Thanks for sharing the journey with me.


Kim said...

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It has inspired me in many ways.

Carl said...

It's sure to be a good read whenever & wherever it comes out!