Friday, November 04, 2011


So even though everything was seemingly wrong for it this morning, I’m back here on my blog for a visit. It’s a bit like sitting down with an old friend. Which is probably just code for I need a real life. It’s been more than a month since my last post here. I’ve spent a bit more time with the main focus of my life @ my other blog. I was getting a bit stale so I felt a need to spend some time with this venue that has proven to be a friend and a support in times of transition over the years.
The return of Fall has ushered in some fantastic views of the snow covered peaks across the water. This place is full of people seeming to be going nowhere fast. It’s an all stages of life day. Dad’s proudly clutching their infant daughters, old guys discussing local politics, self absorbed individuals tethered to cell phones, and the rest of us plodding along on keyboards, are assembled for one cosmic period in time. It’s a bit amazing to consider that this exact combination of people in this exact place, or any place for that matter, will never happen again. This thought reminds me to enjoy the moment. Once it’s over, everyone here, created in the image of God, will be out the doors into their own journeys facing endless combinations of gatherings of other individuals, all created in the image of God. This thought reminds me to marvel at the creativity.
I’m beginning to realize just how comfortable I have become with what has become of my life. I’ve fallen, nearly imperceptibly, into the familiar. As the Fall breezes are stirring the leaves, something stirs in me again to remind me that no matter how comfortable I may be, this endless dance of interpersonal relationships with others created in His image continues on. What I was sure of last year, last week, yesterday, becomes a look ahead in anticipation of what might be different tomorrow. Some things I want desperately to hold on to; things like time spent with a 2 year old. Last year she was being carried around in a carrier, and next year she’ll outrun me…but now she holds my hand. And at the same time she has grown beyond memories, I have a renewed experience with a newborn grandson. I get to see his first smiles and satisfy his insatiable appetite simply with a steady hand on a bottle. Too soon he’ll be holding my hand while his cousin will be learning to ride a bike. On it will march.
So I sit here, with a seasonal red cup filled with Thanksgiving blend, and I wonder “what’s next?”. Each and every time I roll, literally, out of bed, paths are set before me. I get to choose. Actually, my soul mate and I get to choose. The one thing that has never changed is how excited I am for every adventure that we get to experience together and we have had many. Sometimes it consists merely of watching the leaves change and enjoying the familiar. Sometimes it is developing and appreciating what is and what has been. And sometimes it is following the whispers that there is more in store. The thing about this time on earth that we’ve all been granted is that it shouldn’t be wasted, because it never returns. In the words of Ferris Bueller “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

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