Friday, March 16, 2012


So there is no coffee shop and no early morning peacefulness ... Not to mention no chocolate croissant either. I had no way of getting there this morning. At least not how I had planned on getting there. Yesterday we said good bye to another member of our family who has been a vital part of our lives and is now gone once more. Our beloved Ford Focus, who has been part of our lives for 2 years now, has begun the transformation from daily companion, to the automotive equivalent of an organ donor. The fatal blow came in the form of a head gasket that could withstand the pressure of too much heat. In weighing the options, as well as our bank account, it was deemed necessary to put her to rest. Most likely she will endure the purgatory of craigslist to await her final destination, but regardless, her fate with us is sealed.
In my younger days she may have found refuge in my garage to await a life saving procedure. However, those days are not today and "I ain't as good as I once was". Don't weep for us though. My ever adventurous wife and I have determined that this will mark the beginning into the closer to true life of an urban dweller. What I am implying is that we will be walking much more than we are even currently doing. We will bus more than we are currently bussing. These are fairly regular occurrences for us already, so there is not much challenge there at all. The new challenge and opportunity that we have chosen to engage during this grand experiment is to wade into the land of the "Zip Car". For those of you who aren't familiar with the concept, it's a high tech vehicle sharing program. There happen to be 2 parked 75 yards from our house, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try this out for trips where walking and/or public transportation just isn't going to be the best trips to Costco or IKEA.
I am thinking that, in cooperation with this effort, my gorgeous wife and I will begin a joint blog on our adventures in zipping. Just doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint. This is no small matter for someone who has had his drivers license since the day I turned 16 and have and access to a vehicle since day one. Over the past few years of just the two of us living day to day in the city, we have had many conversations about conserving, driving less, walking more, gym membership or no gym membership, carbon footprints, and ridiculous gas prices. Ironically, many of these took place while behind the wheel of our Focus. I guess that it's time to get off the fence, get out of the car and begin walking...We will let you know how that plan works out.


Anonymous said...

I will believe a joint blog when I see Joanne literally sitting down with the computer and typing! :-) ah

Anonymous said...

So, we understand that the definition of "bussing" is kissing...but just what is "zipping"? T&J