Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Much has changed these past several weeks. This morning I am in a new place and from early experience, this may become a weekly thing for me. "Red Cup" is literally less than a block out my back door. I am enjoying the coffee and the vibe a great deal. It will never replace my first love, Hotwire, but they have the space for me to relax and reflect that is lacking with my first love. So I begin another season of life and pastoral artistry in new surroundings. Along with the new surroundings, I am now missing one of my internal organs...not a significant one, but part of me for 48 years all the same. A week ago my gall bladder was skillfully removed by a robot ... Yes it was intentional. I knew before the surgery that it wasn't functioning as designed, the gall bladder I mean, and afterwards I was informed that it wasn't looking very good, even for a gall bladder. So I'm glad that it's gone. Truthfully, it has caused me to lose a good share of this past year to feeling like crap. It has also caused a number of people to have lost some good quaility time with me because I felt like crap...without really knowing why. Its been a week since saying good riddance to bad organs and this morning is the first one in recent memory that I've felt whole and ready for the day. So here I sit, with a yummy caramel latte in a big red cup, what else, Jason Mraz in my headphones, for optimism, watching all of the parents wander through misty eyed after just dropping their precious cargo at school for the first time in 3 months. We are on our 45th consecutive day of blue skies and no rain here in the greatest city to spend a summer in, what could be better? And if that weren't enough for me to be grateful for, two weeks ago we were sweating in a jungle community in El Salvador, drilling a well to bring clean water and enjoying getting to know some fabulous people, constantly reminded of the incredible creativity of the Creator, and our own place in the world, with or without gall bladders. There isn't much of a point to this post this morning except to celebrate new beginnings, old memories, modern medicine, and my prayer that any who read this will enter this season as I am, lighter.

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