Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Don't Miss This

I've treated myself this morning to a return trip to my former beachfront post.  It's been more than a year since I spent an early morning out down here and I have to admit, things have not been the same for me since I left.  For over 6 years now I've been writing this, sort of, weekly post to clear my head and clear my conscience, in a number of venues, with a variety of caffeine and pastries, and yet this still seems like home to me.  My chair is long since gone. It's been remodeled and repurposed at least twice.  The staff behind the counter have changed many times....only one thing remains.  The retirees haven't changed a bit.  They have changed neither seats nor stories in my years in and out of here.
As I look out over the water, beyond the metro busses assembled to take people with real jobs to their downtown destinations, a scene is repeated that has always drawn me here.  The sun reflecting off of the peaks reminds me that its time to just stop and soak it all in.  Much like the concentrated effort to stop and notice that, as the princess likes to remind me, " the flowers are happy papa", this morning I will just sit and enjoy the view and imagine that the mountains too are happy.
I was saddened by my brief visit to social media land to see so many don't realize that the political season kind of ended yesterday.  Today is a new day, with a new hand dealt to us, just as happens every other day.  It's time for us to move realize that there are still flowers that are happy.  Look at it this way, regardless of opinion and political stances, win or lose, now is the time that will really tell who was right and who was not quite right.  Everything else, who would do what and which promises would be kept, up until today, were just theory.
As a follower of Jesus and one who ascribes to the "Book of Books"... I still have the same task.  I also still have the same promise and the same ruler on my throne.  All in all, I need to remember the outlook that the princess has, passed down from her grandma, regarding floral self esteem.  If the flowers are happy, and the mountains with them, then that's good enough for me.  My prayer for you is that you wouldn't miss them.  Take the opportunity today to just breathe...and to realize that, whichever your side or political persuasion...our promise is that this too shall pass.

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