Wednesday, December 05, 2012


A slightly different time for me to be writing, but its a slightly different day, with slightly different circumstances.  The season is charging full speed ahead.  Not sure about you, but for me it's a bit like a white water ebbs and flows, crashes and churns, and then, every so often, a calm pool appears and with a bit of hard paddling and a bit of luck, you can nose yourself in for a bit of rest.  Today is my day of rest...and I paddled the crap out of myself to get I'm dang well going to enjoy it while it lasts.  This morning, on my way to my previous writing engagement, the spirit whispered to me that, although it seemed like a good plan, there was a better one available.  I chose  better one.  You can do that when things are calmer and quieter... Hear the spirit I mean.  You can also get your oars under you and choose the better plan when you are in the calm.  I could never have pulled it off yesterday, or any of the previous 4 or 5 days for that matter.  What could possibly have been better than quiet coffee, pastry and beach view writing on a sunny Seattle morning? ... An even quieter opportunity to enjoy the exceedingly better view of my wife across the table from me on an impromptu breakfast date at the newly opened creperie only 50 yards from my back door.  You are never going to believe this but they serve coffee also...and not just coffee.  They offer "pour over" coffee.
That may mean nothing to you, but if you appreciate good coffee, you need to take advantage of any place that offers it.  I will warn you though, it does take you"ll need to paddle yourself to a place in life that allows you the luxury of time to experience it.  My wife and I have, in recent months, gone exclusively to the pour over method for our own home brewing experience.  No longer can I just get up and push a button while heading to the shower.  Every morning is an adventure in creating and enjoying what was once unceremoniously and mechanically provided for me.  Some of you reading this will dismiss it as a luxury that you can't afford to take...the time investment I mean.  I'd tell you that, first of all, if you really appreciate coffee, this experience should be on your bucket list.  I'd also tell you that no one is too busy for a good coffee experience any more than you're too busy to share a "moment" or twenty with the love of your life during the very season that exudes love.
The key to surviving white water seasons is in finding the deep calm pools.  They look different for everyone and you have to be looking for them.  They tend to come up without much warning, many times hidden around the bends.  So open your eyes this season, and when you get a glimpse of calm waters and deep pools, paddle the crap out of that boat until you get there... Enjoy the rest while you're at it, this too shall pass.


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