Wednesday, January 02, 2013

On writing a new page

Jaywalked my way across the street to Red Cup this morning because I was in more of a hurry than usual.  I got up late....well it was late for me anyway, later than I had planned...and we all know what the plan means to me.  The plan is everything.  I love it when a plan comes together...and consequently, when it doesn't, I can get desperate.  It can force me to jaywalk.  Mine is once again a do as I say, not as I do kind of day.  It's a bit ironic since I had "planned" to get up earlier because I had "planned" to write something about what I had "planned" to pursue this coming year.  So I'm laughing at the irony...seriously I'm laughing here, just me and my americano.  For those of you not versed in coffee culture, that's a drink, not some US tourist in Latin America.
One of my "plans" for 2013 is actually to change my drink of choice over to these.  It's better for my waistline.  It's better for my cholesterol.  Is better for my wallet.  Americano straight up in 2013.  I say that as the steam from mine this morning is fogging up my glasses, reminding me that Father Time stopped by yesterday to collect another year and point me towards this one.  I'm convinced now, at the beginning of this one, maybe more than ever before, that my life is indeed a story.  Each year is a chapter and everyday is a page.  Someone much wiser than I am has put it in terms of God as the author and we are the characters.  I'm not so sure.  I do think that God has a story " in mind".  I've come to believe now though that I am more the author of my story.  Before I'm given up as an agnostic bordering on humanist, let me complete my thought.  I'm of the opinion (emphasis opinion) that I'm the author, but He (emphasis on HE) is the editor...and beyond that he's quite possibly the entire publishing committee.  I know that I will now be forever be written off by my Calvinist friends...that's ok, it was probably already destined to be that way.
Here's the point though, and there is one.  I as the author, have a page to offer each and everyday.  I, as was the case with the authors of old, also have been granted an eraser.  I can begin again.  This morning when my first draft didn't cut it, I had the thought, for the first time in a long time, to grab the eraser and begin again.  If my theory holds true, every year a chapter and every day a page, I can afford the time to erase.  Lets face it...the main obstacle to all of our resolutions for the new year is the imminent day that we fail to keep them.  The story is the goal, not the page, and sometimes not even the chapters.  The story doesn't resolve itself in a day, nor does a life.  Now don't misunderstand....I am not saying that days don't matter, and choices that make up the day don't matter.  I'm simply saying that its quite possible that you could erase and begin again on your quest to a better story.  It's better than giving up  on the whole book.  I can take heart in knowing that, although my writing may have flaws, I do have an editor who has the ability to make it a best seller.


Carl said...

Thanks for your "view" Dan. My highlights to remember: 1)Americano's are better for the waistline. 2)It's all about the story & it can be a best seller!

Anonymous said...

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