Monday, July 01, 2013

Fashion ... Northwest style

It seems that I have been blessed to live in a place that considers exercise clothing to be appropriate fashion for the rest of daily living.  I'm not sure when this became acceptable but I'm guessing that it was around the same time that underwear became a statement.  I want all to know that I would never claim to be any kind of authority in fashion, but I do recognize poor taste and bad choices when I see it.  For example, the guy grabbing his two extra hot americano's who is obviously not running, yet wearing his running shorts tight and high.  How do I know he's not in the running mood this morning?  It was probably the tight leather jacket over a tighter top, gold chains with sandals to finish off the ensemble... All in black I might add.  Can I just say that unless you might be Johnny Cash, it is very difficult to pull this off.  This was shortly after a visit from the woman who obviously is under the impression that tights also can double as jeans when you are not heading to a hot yoga class.
I remember when "dress down Fridays " were the highlight of the work week.  Obviously the pendulum has swung violently to the other side.  Every day is a new adventure in how far we can push the envelope the other way.  I'm sure if I sit here longer I can be blessed even further, but alas, it seems like I have forgotten the socks for my I need to be on my way.

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