Tuesday, June 23, 2015


If you haven't gained this from any previous posts, you should know that I live in an area of constant transition.  Literally nothing has stayed the same for more than a month at a time on any block in my neighborhood.  It's a constant state of flowing into or out of existence.  I can guarantee you that Google earth will be of little value here.  Less than a year ago we were excited about a partnership with a local non-profit that gave us our first home here as we try to set roots down for a new faith community.  We might as well be trying to settle in to quicksand.  The sign to left here gives you an indication on how long lasting that development was.  Don't get me wrong, I knew this area well enough to know that this was going to be temporary.  It's just that temporary gets so much shorter in this part of the world.  So once again, we look for a foothold to grab onto.
It does seem illustrative of the nature of what we are ultimately trying to do, God willing ... And I'm assuming that He is.  We live and serve an area and a population that is as changing as the landscape that they inhabit.  They come for the fleeting security of high wages and high rise living.  It's an illusion that they've long dreamt about and that this neighborhood promises.  However, they are still mere mortals, living among mortals, employed by mortals, pursuing a hope which only the immortal can provide.  The instability of this place speaks to the instability of that which has brought them here.  It's easy to get caught in it ... And much like quicksand, the more activity one puts into it, the deeper one gets.
So we are off again, sometime in the next few months, as our home becomes home to hundreds more ... Hundreds who, in the midst of pursuing the illusion, will long for the hope long sought after.  Pray with us as we grab on and offer the handhold and stability of  a relationship with Jesus.

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