Saturday, May 07, 2005

In The Presence of Greatness

I'll write this because my wife will never see it? I've had people from coast to coast tell me that they've read some of this junk on here, but the one who sleeps right beside me has never even seen one of these posts. It's not that she's not interested. She keeps encouraging me to write this stuff. She knows it's like therapy. The reason she never reads it is because she is very phobic when it comes to internet technology. It's mostly a lack of confidence in my opinion. This is one of her most tragic flaws. I call it tragic because most people I know at one time or another when they spend some time around her realize that they are in the presence of greatness. She'd have a fit if she read this, so feel free NOT to share it with her. As I spent this past week wrestling with the idea of Mother's Day and how that would all fit in to Sunday I just couldn't help but reflect on the greatness of mothering that I've been priviledged to be around for almost 20 years. It's my feeling that the best combination of parenting gifts that could ever exist are holding on and letting go. I remember a song from my high school days, "Hold on Loosely" as well as the classic Kenny Rogers lyrics"know when to hold them, know when to fold them". I quickly realized that the secret to my wifes' mom skills is her ability over the years to be able to hold on and let go, both at vital points of life, almost by instinct. I've watched her hold on to childhood rituals like kisses and hugs and affection in public. I've watched her let go of a 5 year old hand as he was led through the doors of an operating room for surgery. I've watched her hold on to bed time prayers, and let go of the family car keys. I've watched her hold on to marriage vows when it would have been easier not to, and let go of teenagers as they boarded flights for foreign lands to do missions work. I've watched her hold on to the sanctity of meal times and letting go of the first child off to college. I've watched her hold furiously to faith while letting go of the familiar and friends to go wherever He leads. It's almost as if by instinct she knows when to hold on and when to let go. It's almost instinct, but I believe it's more like God's will. I've never known anyone who is as in tune and as full of God's spirit as she is. She's not perfect, and she'll kill me if she ever gets over her phobia of the internet and sees this, but I can't help realize that I'm in the presence of greatness. She'd be happy though if she knew I told you that hers comes from being in the presence of His. Happy Mother's Day to all of you who seek greatness from His presence. May your legacy continue.