Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What Rock?

Some people are wanting to know what rock I'm referring to in the title of this blog. Actually it;s the rock in the picture for the link to this blog from our website. You can also see it back aways in the archives of this blog. Actually this rock is in Wyoming in the Medicine Bow mountain range is southeastern Wyoming. It is locate in a clearing on a mountain at an altitude of about 11,000 feet. The rock was my companion for about 3 hours in August of 2004 during a very critical point in my life. Towards the end of a week long very intensive retreat we taken to this mountain range and asked to spend 3 hours in solitude. I've never spent a more excruciating 3 hours in my life. I picked the rock as I walked into a clearing and noticed that it actually looked like a great place for a 3 hour nap. On my way to it I passed a few obvious signs that, yes indeed, bears do go in the woods. Needless to say, trying to sleep on the rock didn't seem like the greatest plan from that point on. All I could picture was the afore mentioned bear returning to the clearing and seeing the rock as a large skillet with dinner reclining in the middle of it. Since I couldn't much sleep, I decided instead to engage God in a conversation to pass the time. I'm not sure how stimulating for Him it was, but it sure set my life off in a new direction. Did you ever notice how rocks are sometimes like that? One could be an obstacle, while another a recliner, and another still a place to stand upon and see a new view of the world around you. Same rock, different interpretation. Life deals us rocks sometimes. I'll always remember, and frequently quote, Charlie Brown's trick or treating expedition with his friends on Halloween. You know the line. After all of his friends reveal the incredible delicious treasures bestowed on them by benevolent neighbors, he looks in his bag and declares "I got a rock". Many days are like that.
We all get rocks. We also all get a choice what to do with our rock;go around it, lay down on it, or stand upon it . I recommend standing. It's a better view from up here.

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