Monday, May 05, 2008


Have you ever stopped to contemplate the space key? It may seem like an odd question. Ok, so it is an odd question. I just happen to be appreciating it more than usual this morning. I think that the space key is underrated. Sure you can use it so that your sentences make sense. Without it, life would just be one continual word, kind of like reading ancient Greek or Hebrew text. You would have one continual red line through your computer screen. Do even get me started on how spell check would take place.
I found another great function of the space key this morning. It’s not new, to be sure, and I’d have to be totally clueless to have not been aware of it before. It’s just that it has become even more valuable lately. Did you know that if you have an amount of text, any amount really, on a screen and it’s highlighted, one stroke of the space key will totally eliminate it? Of course you knew that. But do you understand the implications of it? The space key is the predecessor of the “Easy Button” at Staples. It is the original one step problem solver. It grants editorial license to the owner of the key. Life would be ours to control.
I just used it in fact to eliminate a few paragraphs of ridiculousness that was typed on my screen. Some of you are probably thinking that it didn’t go far enough. The cool thing about it is that it only goes as far as I want it to go. It can eliminate as much or as little as I wish. I could use one of these things in my life. I might have a lot less regrets and bad memories. If I could just eliminate a conversation here or there, maybe even just a glance, or a gesture, how much better might my legacy be? I could also go back and eliminate a week at a time if so desired. Last week was kind of a downer for the most part. I could eliminate most of it and never miss it. Even if I had just wiped out the weather, things would have improved dramatically.
A strategically spaced cursor and skillfully used space key will move whole lines of text and eventually whole paragraphs, if so desired. Think out it, you could move a stagnant conversation along. You could jump ahead to the heart of an issue without having to wade through all the small talk. What a time saver that would be. Perhaps the most practical use would be just to give you what it claims to give you….space. For people with space issues, this would be life saving. For people with no space issues, this would be life saving as well in the hands of those who do have them. For all of us though, it’s just an exercise in wishful thinking. Even the space key can be neutralized. It’s called “undo”.