Monday, July 07, 2008


I’m getting to witness a profound transaction taking place this morning. From my seat this morning, a big stupid hulking hybrid bus is filling the background. That should be criminal on a morning like this. Anyway, it’s causing my focus to shift in the direction of two golden retrievers. They had just been hitched up outside while their human marches inside for a venti iced something. They really are beautiful dogs, but what is catching my attention is their stance as they wait for their human.
They are almost rigid at attention, pointing longingly towards the door. I’ve noticed that they don’t alter their gaze a bit when any of the rest of the caffeine clique wander back outside. They don’t even flinch when slippers and boxers guy wanders past. This is a bit unusual because many of their contemporaries, when left in similar situations, will give their attention to just about anyone or anything that walks by. They attempt to bribe you with their eyes, pleading with any sympathetic passer-by to free them from their predestined loitering. Not so with these two.
I wonder what causes such loyalty. How is this relationship played out? Are these two aware that God passed them over as mans perfect garden companion back in the beginning? He went through all that trouble with the rib and all to create Eve in order to make up for some shortcoming that they obviously had. Maybe it was simply the lack of opposable thumbs. Before I dig myself any deeper, let me just reaffirm that I wholeheartedly believe that women have far more advantages than opposable thumbs. I’m just hypothesizing as I watch the “man’s best friend” ideology being lived out.
I remember the days of excited children greeting me at the door or looking longingly out the window at the time that daddy was to come home. I still experience the joy of a reunion with my wife even after only a short time away, sometimes measured in minutes. Even still, no one has ever stood at attention eagerly awaiting my exit from a Home Depot, or Auto Zone. It’s touching. They must have a special bond.
I actually thought all these things in the five or so minutes that I witnessed this interaction taking place. Great ideals, great emotions, these Old Yeller moments were presented for me against a Metro Bus backdrop. They must have an unusually special bond. All of these presented themselves until the human emerged and the secret to this relationship was revealed. It seems that this particular Starbucks, in addition to some quality coffee, has some very delectable dog treats. I guess it’s not that big a mystery after all.

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