Sunday, July 13, 2008


I’ve spent enough time here in the northwest, that I’m sure I’m overdue to write something about umbrellas. It might be considered a bit odd that, with the winter rains gone and my grass burning up, I’d pick now for the topic, but many things I do seem a bit odd to many people so why disappoint now. Actually, for your information, this happens to be a very appropriate time.
This week I have the privilege of teaching, in my community o’ faith, the part of God’s creation story dealing with the introduction of Adam and Eve. Just a few weeks ago I was able to be back in New York performing a wedding for a very special couple, and next month, my wife and I will officially become empty nest parents. In case you haven’t caught on yet, the theme of the month for me is relationships. That’s where umbrella’s come in.
I found an umbrella the other day as I was rearranging our living room. It brought back images to me of walking in the rain with my wife. Lots of times when we walk in the rain I get to hold the umbrella for the two of us. Now let me set the record straight; It does not rain here as much as is rumored. It’s a conspiracy devised to keep undesirables from moving here. It didn’t happen to work with us though because, as far as rain goes, this is the desert compared to where I’m from. Anyway, we walk a lot here, it’s what old people do… and when we happen to be walking and it happens to be raining, I like to hold the umbrella.
I’m have not really been sure of the reason, besides I’m in love of course, to hold the umbrella. I mean really, the reality is that usually this means we both get wet because we can’t both fit well under the 3 dollar umbrellas that we tend to buy. I could spring for 2 umbrellas after all if it was a protection from the rain thing. It could be that my mom just brought me up right. She did have that rule about not hitting girls, which usually just meant that I’d get the crap beat out of me. On a deeper level though, as I go through the Garden story with Adam and Eve, I wonder if it’s not something more profound. Maybe it’s something deep within that has me trying to make up for the fact that Adam didn’t really take care of Eve in that critical moment with the snake. I am always the one to deal with snakes in my house,…and spiders and cat throw up and dirty litter for that matter.
I don’t want you to think that I’m Superman or anything. If it wasn’t for the amazing wife that God has placed in my garden, I’d be in deep. I’d be subject to people’s pathetic glances wondering who dressed me, who cut my hair, who forgot to give me some culture. She cares for me. It’s quite a tall job and certainly more time demanding that snakes, spiders, and senile cats. As far as I can tell, it was Adams ultimate fault that fashion even became an issue. As a result, I have a deep seated need to care for her. I’m sure it doesn’t always seem that way. Sometimes it is lost in translation, to be sure. After all, I am still a guy, so a certain amount of cluelessness is just part of the deal. When my head is on straight and I remember who’s in my garden, it just kind of comes naturally. Other times all I can do is hang on to the umbrella.

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