Monday, November 03, 2008


I’m a statistic today. I’m one of the undecided. I’m not very politically astute. I do attempt to be informed, but all of the misinformation clogs my arteries and muddles my mind. Do I really care which candidate has which solution to the current crisis, whatever it might be? I don’t. The reasons are fairly simple. Number one, I’m not naïve enough to believe that either candidate actually came up with said plan themselves. Number two, regardless of whatever plan you have to solve the “crisis du jour”, I don’t think for one minute that you can get it accomplished by yourself anyway. In our current political system, the president doesn’t really have much more influence than the Queen. I’m much more interested in congress than the president. Remember, it was the congress from both sides over many administrations who have gotten us to this point in our history. All the presidents have really contributed, in all honesty, are sound bites and state dinners. So I’m still among the undecided. I prefer to look at it as pacing myself.
My son is frustrated with me, as he and my wife are much more interested in this process than I am. They had a great, and often times very animated conversation while my daughter-in law and I got to roll our eyes. I lost interest in this process about the time Hillary was trying to find a way to bring Florida back in. He asked me last night what my basis was for choosing who I was going to vote for. To be honest, at one point it was who would be the first to appear without a tie at a campaign stop. If you really want to identify with me, then lose the tie and the blue blazer, especially when bowling. I don’t care how bad a bowler you are, if you wear a tie at the lanes, I don’t know you. Lately, I am looking to Saturday Night Live for some political insight. At least they are honest about the process.
Really what I was searching for was a bit of honesty and fair play. I must have slept through that part. You may have an opinion one way or the other on who is or was or will be. It is not just the honesty of the candidate that I have been searching for. I think that it carries through to the people who follow you as well. I am tired of the talking droids who are paraded out to comment on their party’s behalf after each speech, sound bite, or debate. Do they ever really surprise us with their comments? I’d vote for honesty. I’d vote for the side that admitted their candidate just screwed up royally instead of trying to paint it as brilliance in disguise. You may call it strategy, or good politics or whatever. I’ll call it for what it is….lying. So, I’m sitting here in my seat by the beach, with my dilemma of being undecided with only 24 hours to go, trying to wrestle with how I will finally make my choice……. and in walks my solution.
This guy just walked in with a laptop bag slung over his shoulder, not unusual certainly for Starbucks. What was unusual, and what has finally given me a standard to vote by, was the image emblazoned on the side of his bag. It was the insignia for Batman. It’s answered prayer for me. Now you may think me ridiculous and shallow, but even I’m not that far off to think that I could actually cast my vote for Batman. But I would vote for someone whom I thought would call on Batman if given the opportunity. I have always admired Commissioner Gordon and his willingness to call on Batman without hesitation. It’s a true sign of humility. Anyone who would outright convey to me that they “can’t do it alone” and would be willing to humble themselves, just might get my vote. In the absence of what I really want to see, servant leadership, I’ll take the next best thing; humility. So now I have 23 hours left to wrestle with this. Who would be the most likely candidate to call on Batman should the need arise? I think that I already know the answer to that one, but I just have to make sure in my heart that the call wouldn’t first go to Oprah. That would be a deal breaker.

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