Wednesday, January 26, 2011


One of the things that I most appreciate about life is that it is different every day. Don’t misunderstand… some days just suck. The promising thing though is that there is always another that might suck less. It also could be magnificent, beyond anything you could have imagined. It could happen. This day is hardly the latter, but it could pass for one that sucks less. In the life of a pastoral artist, you look for inspiration and promise wherever you can find it. I’ll let you in on a few trade secrets. Some days in the life of one attempting to be a follower of Jesus, it’s not all Joel Osteen. My own personal opinion…with a smile like that, either he’s not really a pastoral type or he has Rembrandt for a tattoo artist.
Here’s some insight into reality. Some days it’s hard to find Jesus. Some days the last people I want to be around are other people who claim to follow Jesus. Some days the sermons are just terrible. It’s not a reflection on the message…strictly the messenger here. Some days babies die and grumpy old people live. Some days people who have never stepped foot into a community o’ faith and think that God’s last name is Damn take great pride in schooling me on how a “Christian should act”. Whatever…. many days it’s all I can do to figure out how humans should act. I’m expected to always have the answer and to never be annoyed at those who don’t. It’s assumed that I’m a walking infomercial for all things faith related. It’s more likely that I’m an episode of “Renovation Realities”.
Don’t take this as complaining. I love my life. I wouldn’t trade what I do for any real job that you could think of. This is more a reflection on reality when you are trying to follow Jesus lead day in and day out. It’s the same for all of us, paid or not. Just look at his life. On Sunday he’s riding into town like a Superbowl hero and on Friday he’s hanging on a cross. Why would I think that my life would be any different.

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