Friday, December 02, 2011


So this morning I have finally clawed my way out of the routine and familiar and am exploring a new possible source of morning inspiration. I've left The beauty of the beachfront for the early morning serenity of a neighborhood. It's a new place actually that I've had my eye on for the past few weeks as I've driven past on my way to the familiar land of corporate caffeine. There is great promise here. The din of the countless groups of retiree's has been replaced by the friendly chatter of the baristas. The corporate bakery has been replaced by some local ventures. There are no big comfy chairs but their is a library like loft to enjoy. It seems as if most people wandering through the doors at is time of day are neighborhood people on their way to other morning destinations. Gone is the frantic rush of commuters trying to replenish for the day before the bus leaves the stop. Gone are the high school girls seeking social coolness with their frilly iced drinks on a December morning. Gone are the polite, yet rushed acknowledgements of the staff...replaced by actual conversations.
While I'm still in a chain, it has a local feel...quiet and peaceful...and did I add good coffee to go with it.
It occurs to me as I have been considering my move to a more peaceful place that I have put on my consumer filters. That pains me to say, considering that, as a pastoral artist operating in the spirituality of consumerism, I really tend to push back on it....when it adversely affects me that is. The honesty of this quest is that I left my previous environment because it was successful. All of the signs of success, the noise, the lines, the chaos, were the
things that I've become tired of. What I seek is a quieter, more peaceful existence and in the land of retail, that generally indicates or inevitably leads to failure. If not failure, it's at least not as beneficial to the bottom line. Don't get me's of course in by best interest to see this place succeed...just not too much. I may have to move on. It is after all, as a good consumer, all about me.

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