Thursday, December 29, 2011


What began as the promise to a new day with coffee and A chocolate croissant in my new home away from home quickly turned into an hour long search for the key that would enable me to get to my caffeine refuge. It's interesting that one little piece of a specifically carved alloy can determine one's destiny. When you find the right one you can open closed doors, move inanimate objects and begin a journey to a destination that you didn't even realize was possible before turning it. I can, in a sense, become the legendary "key master" of Ghostbusters fame.
So I'm looking on a new year with a sense that there are many destinations possible by the end of it and I hold the keys to many of them. I, like many of you, travel in circles where I, depending on the keys held, can influence the destinations of many lives beyond my own. As a Pastoral Artist responsible for the direction and leading of a community o' faith, the keys I choose to turn or not turn can influence hundreds. As a husband, a father, and a "pop pop" there are more precious lives influenced by the keys that I hold, just as I am affected by theirs.
You can fill in your own blanks as to whose keys you hold and who holds yours. Some are delusional in their thinking that they create their own destiny. Not are certainly the main influencer, but someone out there holds at least one of your keys. I'm not sure how you may feel about this, but for me it makes life so much more interesting and engaging. It keeps me from sitting on the bench. I am part of the story. I can turn a key and change course forever. I can open a door to unknown place or start the car to an unknown destination. That ability is very appealing, however knowing that it's not just me thrust through the door or launched on a journey is also very sobering.
This past year has been one of the most engaging along my journey so far. But I still have many keys, and a whole new year in which to use them. I just hope that I take better care of them than my car key.

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