Friday, April 08, 2005

Are You Done Yet?

I haven't written in awhile. It's been too long actually. It's been long enough that I can feel it. I wrote earlier that this was probably becoming a therapy. That probably explains the way I feel when I stop for a time. This past week has been..., well let's just say that it's been life. I had to laugh the other day when I passed the sign in front of our church and read "share a real life experience here". I thought, "well yeah, jump on in, the water is fine". It has been real life this past week. I guess it always is. It was just harder without the writing. This morning as I thought about it I also came to the conclusion that not only had I not written much, I also hadn't spoken much... to God that is. My writing has become a conversation and a way of expression just as prayer has to be a conversation and a way of expression. I lived real life this past week and came to the realization that real life, the life that really happens to us every day, is a lot easier to engage if you're conversing along the way. I don't mean that I wasn't speaking to God. On the contrary, probably more than usual. I wasn't conversing. I wasn't listening. Conversation takes both speaking and listening. I spoke. I spoke loudly and clearly. A few times I shouted. Some of it wasn't in language that you would find others using in conversations that you might find recorded in the Bible. After I time, when I realized the absurdity of what was going on, I thought of Job's conversation with God. His conversation which was really him ranting, raving, threatening, questioning just like I had been experiencing is one that I have read many times. I also read the rest of the story. I read the part where God finally intervenes with the question of the hour, "Are You Done Yet?". I'm at that part of the conversation. I've distinctly heard that voice ask me "Are You Done Yet?". I think He has much to share with me about all that I vomited out at Him last week. It may come out through the writing I've come to need. It may come out of quiet. It'll certainly come from me paying attention to what's going on around me. One thing I did hear the other day. Real life is much more liveable with the one who gave it.

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