Tuesday, April 19, 2005

U Turns allowed

This morning I was watching parents drop their kids off at our school. We have distinct markings going into and out of our parking lot. They are very noticable. Not only that, there are only 6 weeks left in the school year. Despite these previously mentioned facts, I witnessed this morning a number of cars going the wrong way. It was obvious to me that they were going the wrong way. I didn't have to see the arrows or be standing directly in the lot. It just looked wrong. Have you ever had that experience? Have you ever watched people in behavior that just looked wrong? When this happens for me, it is as if my whole balance is thrown off. It makes my concept of the world not seem right. It's bothersome. I find it interesting though, in watching them, that they don't all seem to be bothered by going the wrong way. It seems like a well thought out process for some. A few of them were visibly embarrassed by their mistake, but some of them this morning started into our parking lot the right way and then intentionally turned around to go the wrong way. They purposefully and decidedly made a U turn. Some of them made a three point turn, but the rest just a round about, one point, "I have my own reasons for this", turn. It didn't feel right. It was in a church parking lot of all places. You shouldn't be allowed to make a U turn in church should you? I wonder. Maybe it ought to be the very place where U turns are encouraged. After all, what is a U turn except a conscious change in direction. It's a decision to go the other way. I think the Bible calls it repentance.
In God's eyes it is a conscious realization that we're doing it wrong and we need to turn around to get it right. Some are so aware of their circumstance that they purposefully and willfully turn around to get where they no down deep they ought to be. Others are visibly embarrassed about admitting it. I guess they feel that in order to be in a church they should have already been going the right way. That's too bad. Our church community is the very place where U turns need to be encouraged and celebrated. Many in the church, however, are reluctant to share their own U turn stories. They like to forget they were going the wrong way. In fact for some when they witness the wrong way direction of others it makes them uncomfortable. We need to get over it. Our drivers education teaches us the proper way to make a turn around. It's about time our community of faith teachesus the same lesson.

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