Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I remember the original "Rocky" movie. Even though I haven't seen it in quite some time I still remember many moments from it and many famous lines. One section of dialogue I've been remembering more and more lately as our church wrestles with a new budget is a conversation that Rocky has with Adrienne about gaps. Do you remember it? Excuse my memory but the basic thought process that was being exhibited was this: "I got gaps...you got gaps...but together, we don't got gaps". The idea is simple. Everyone has something that they lack, but for everyone the lacking is different. You find compatibility when you find someone who makes up for your "gap" and you for theirs. A healthy relationship acts that way. It isn't draining, it is enhancing. It doesn't make excuses, it mends holes.
Faith needs to be that kind of a relationship. Jesus told Paul, "My grace is sufficient for you". In other words, whatever you lack, His grace will make up for. If you engage yourself in the relationship that is. He fills in gaps. It only works though if you invest yourself in the relationship. Because God has needs to. It is true that He is all powerful, all knowing, and all being. However, we know, as evidenced throughout His story, that he seeks our love, affection and devotion. We were created to worship Him. Remember the greatest commandment, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength". It's called worship. That's the key to the whole "free will" concept. God didn't create us to automatically love Him. We choose. If you were priviledged to experience "Napolean Dynomite" you'll remember that his date to the dance didn't have "free will" in the matter. You can appreciate how much more appealing it would be to have your date actually desire to be with you instead of being coerced.
Faith relationships, as in personal relationships, need investment by both parties to be fulfilling to either party. He fills in our gaps. We also play a role in, dare I say it, filling in His.

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