Friday, September 30, 2005


I just opened my blog this morning and learned that I have made 32 other posts to my page. That would make this 33. I'm amazed that I've had 32 other things worth saying. maybe they weren't really worth saying for that matter. At least I'm surprised that I thought 32 other things were worth saying. I'm not sure that I have another. I have looked back over them and found more randomness than cohesion throughout the things that I write. I'd probably have a hard time writing a book. I can't stay on one string long enough. This morning I'm thinking about 33. Jesus died when he was 33. I was 33 in 1996. I just found a CD the other day called WOW 1996. See what I mean? My thoughts travel in probably 33 different directions. Write now as I write here for the 33rd time I'm noticing that the blog site has changed. The resolution on the whole site has changed. Everything is larger, almost magnified. What does that have to do with anything? I'm not sure, may be something to do with 33. I do know, and this just reassures me, that I can often times struggle with focus. I look at this list of stuff written. This is 33. Jesus died when he was 33. I wonder how long has it taken me to speak to him 33 times. And I wonder if much of it was really nonsense. Did I waste his time? Did I accomplish anything? Did I spend as much time conversing with him about myself as I do writing about myself. I could be less self centered. Maybe there are more people out there that need my time and my prayers. Maybe I should spend the time I write here talking to him about them. Maybe I could serve more. Everyday I encounter people that need to know less of me and more of him. Too many each day to count, but if I had to guess I'd say about 33.