Saturday, December 24, 2005


Tonight we celebrate an event from thousands of years ago. What happened then was foretold in whispers through the ages prior to that mysterious night. And the reality of it has echoed ever since. It happened in a non-descript place called Bethlehem. It’s not all that significant of a town today unless of course you live there and it was even less so 2000 years ago. It must have held some value though as God chose this place of insignificance for the most significant event of all time. The lowly were called there by angels. The learned were led by a star. Some began close, others far away, but each, at a given point, could say that they were not that far from Bethlehem. Tonight we are drawn together to celebrate the event. All of us, the lowly and learned, the meek and the mighty, all relatively insignificant in the whole scheme of the world’s existence, but yet all seemingly have great value in God’s sight. For tonight, in the Bethlehem of our lives, God wants to demonstrate the most significant of all possible events. It’s the invitation to reconnect our hearts to His.