Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Once upon a time, in a dark land far far away, there lived an old king. This King liked living in darkness. It wasn’t actually that he liked living in darkness, rather it was the fact that the darkness hid the things that he was really afraid of. The people of the kingdom didn’t really enjoy the darkness, but over time they had gotten quite used to it.
They too could appreciate the fact that there were things more scary than darkness around them and as long as it remained dark, these things went mostly unnoticed. They were only rumors, only memories. To be sure, getting around in the dark could be difficult. In fact, if you could see much in that kingdom, you’d see that pretty much all of the people living there had collected some pretty nasty looking bruises from bumping into things in the dark. But it was generally accepted that the bruises were far less of a problem than that which lie in the dark, giving them bruises. They had grown quite content living in the dark and the King had grown fond of ruling in the dark. It gave him his power. It gave him his authority. In fact, if it were light in the kingdom, everyone would know that he wasn’t really much of a king at all.
Those who inhabited the dark kingdom knew that it had not always been so. They heard of a time when the light shone bright, when there wasn’t as much as a hint of shadow. But it had been so long since the light had appeared that most couldn’t even imagine what it might look like. Of course there had been rumors from time to time, promises written in the pages of history, telling of a people walking in darkness who would see a great light. But no one, least of all the king, really expected to see it again in their lifetime. After all his reign was based on the power of the dark and the hidden things that the darkness contained. To bring light to him would have been disastrous. All would be revealed, all of his faults, all of his scars, all of his insecurities. But what were the chances? The history books had been quiet for hundreds of years. But in fact, that is exactly what did come about. Light did come to the dark kings domain. And it came in the form of another king… a baby king. The big king of the dark kingdom flew into a rage. This couldn’t be. His reign would be over if in fact this were true. He did the only thing that he could think of. He set out to rid his land of little king, first through deceit, then through destruction. But in the end, as the years passed without success, the big king finally died, and most forgot that he ever lived at all. The baby king grew to be a king who would live forever, and become the king of all kings.