Friday, December 16, 2005


Ever heard of the phrase "loose lips sink ships"? I think it comes from one of the World Wars. Whoever came up with it was a genious. The more I deal with people in larger social contexts such as work environments, school environments, church environments, and anything involving groups of more than two people, I expereince the wisdom of this phrase. It seems as if no matter the stakes, confidential information is all up for interpretation. It's as if by telling someone that some bit of information is confidential, you are giving them the opportunity to validate themselves by spilling it. In my profession, if I'm in conversation with someone and they ask that it be kept between us, I am bound to do just that. Now I admit that occasionally some seemingly justifiable loophole springs up which helps me justify "sharing" information that, although may not have explicitly been deemed confidential, it was at least implied. All of us fall into that at one time or another. I have come to see this random justification to be a slippery slope. I have seen the line begin to fade and it worries me that we can so desperately need validation that we're willing to risk any and all of our relationships with our secret knowledge. The really startling thing for me is that as I wander through this world, clinging to faith, defending it, and trying to share it, I find that in all honesty people of faith and "integrity" are as bad and often worse than those who claim none. Maybe we all have some Judas spirit in us that has mixed motivations, low self worth, and are desperately seeking for any way that we can have a voice that someone of significance would listen to. No good can come of it. No good came for him and I see only alienation in our own attempts at relationship as well. And in the end we may seperate ourselves from the same relationship that Judas once had. If not in reality, it will certainly be in practice. For now.... my lips are sealed