Wednesday, March 23, 2005


What I want to know is, what's up with irons? Not the ones you hit little white balls around a huge open green area trying to find the tiny little hole. Although I do have issues with those too. I mean the ones you plug in, heat up press a button and blow damp steam onto perfectly dry clothes with. I want to know whose invention that was. Or better yet, what woman first decided that they needed one. That may sound chauvanistic, but the only people I ever meet who give a rip about the location of creases and pleats are women, with a few anal men as exceptions. I mean, really. What wife first looked at her husband and asked that fateful question, "You're not going to wear that are you?" And after asking that question, which was really a biting social commentary, thought "If I just had this flat metal plate that I could plug in and shoot steam out of, the world would be as it should be". What is wrong with wrinkles? I think that wrinkles are the natural state of clothing. Why force the issue? I can't help but imagine that if Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise or Jennifer Aniston began to wear clothes without the iron that it would be OK for them. In fact it would probably usher in a new era of fashion. However, If I decided not to be concerned about my creases, people would go out of their way to ask "What's your problem?". Although I do live in the land of "nice". So there's a good chance that I could live as wrinkled as I wish and no one would notice, and even if they did, they'd never say anything for fear of offending me or allowing me into their wrinkled closets. Let's face it, wrinkles happen. It's a natural part of life. Come to think of it, I myself am a pretty wrinkled individual. It's my natural state. That's where Jesus comes in. He get's rid of some pretty significant wrinkles. That is if I let Him. God is wrinkle free. So much so in fact that he cannot stand the presence of wrinkles. I think it's Romans 3 that says, all are wrinkled and fallen short of the wardrobe of God. Well that's kind of paraphrased, but the point is well taken. However, you and I both know that the annoying thing about wrinkles is that they keep coming back. Every time I think I have them conquered, I sit down somewhere and they're back. I need the iron again. Sometimes it happens several times a day, but always several times a week. I need to break out the iron again to be presentable and to avoid hearing that fateful question, "You're not wearing that are you?" Come to think of it, That is a great metaphor for my life. Several times a day or at least several times a week I need the grace that only Jesus provides to take my wrinkles back out so that I remain presentable in God's wardrobe. So for now I will continue the never ending battle of the iron. Creating new fashion trends are just not in my nature.

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