Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Most Americans do not sleep well. That's a headline I just read recently. Of course there are many theories that go with that statement. Many hours have been invested and even more dollars have been spent trying to investigate this latest find. There are no shortage of theories on why this might be the case. I have my own theory. We just got a new mattress set and I've not slept so poorly in quite some time. The old set that we had was ridiculous. The box springs were broken, on my side of course. The mattress sagged. It was kind of an embarrassment. Oddly though, I slept very well. I slept so well in fact that I could get away with only four to six hours a sleep at the most. Most days I was wide awake long before my alarm went off at 5. That is five o'clock in the morning for those of you who didn't realize that five o'clock happened more than once a day. I had my quiet time long before anyone else in my house was conscious. My routine was set and all was well with my world. Life was good until the new mattress moved in. You know those mattress sets with long latin names designed to impress and make you think that they were designed by a team of research physicists with only your best interest in mind. These matresses claim unequalled comfort, profund sleeping pleasure, more relaxed sleep patterns. Well I'm here to tell you that my mattresses live up to those claims. They are probably the most comfortable I've ever been on. I never want to get out of them. I look forward to them at night. I resist the alarm in the morning. My nooze button and my wifes patience are wearing thinner by the day. My body loves our new mattresses. I fear, however, that my soul does not. That is where my theory comes in. My theory is this; Comfort creates unrest. I hadn't slept poorly until I became comfortable. I think Americans are way too comfortable. It's easy being us relatively speaking. Wars are not happening within our borders. Earthquakes and tsunamis are a concern of other people. We can worship anything from Jesus Christ to Pokemon in peace. We're comforted in ourselves and our own abilities. The problem is this...we were not created to be that way. We were not created to rely on ourselves. I believe that in our inmost being we are not able to rest because we've not been drawn to "green pastures and still waters" by our shepherd. We've been lulled by posture-pedic to a false sense of comfort and relaxation. I'm waiting for the day that my springs break again and the support is gone. I could use some sleep.

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